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How You Can Be A Full Time Piano Teacher In Singapore Too!

Many musicians and piano enthusiasts hope to become a full time piano teacher in Singapore so they are self employed and never need to work for someone else again. This used to be a pipe dream unachievable for most Singaporeans in the past, but today, with the help of the Internet, your dreams might just come true. Let me share with you some of the most concrete steps you can take to make your full time private piano teacher dream in Singapore come true. Look forward to teaching full time on your schedule with the following tips.

  1. You need to have a social media presence. The main reason for this is for easy referrals. Imagine if you have a student who passes your contact to another potential student. However, you only have a number as your only form of easy reference. Compare this to if you had testimonials of successful students on your Facebook page or Twitter page e.t.c. While you can get students either way, the job for you is much easier if you also have a social media presence on top of having an easily accessible contact number. This is especially the case now that you want to be a full time teacher instead of just teaching some students here and there for small money.
  2. You need to realized that being a successful piano teacher is not just execution, but imparting of skills. You need to learn things that normal teachers need to learn – that is how to teach. Just knowing how to play the most complicated pieces out there and understanding the most complicated theories does not make you a good teacher. What makes you a good teacher is knowing how to impart the essential skills and knowledge to your student as easily and straightforward as possible. When you can do this well, referrals to you will sharply increase. Always think from the customer’s (student’s) point of view and you will likely do well. This is especially important if you want this to be your full time thing. You need to teach well for your business to boom.
  3. Join an agency. Joining a private home piano teacher agency such asĀ sglearnpiano.com/ will help you get additional students that you may not have ever gotten by yourself. Additionally, it is an extra way to get more students on top of your own active search and referrals. After all, they only take a cut when they refer to you a student from their database. As a self employed person, you need as many sources of potential customers as possible, and joining a piano teacher agency to get more students (who really are your customers) is essential to become successful. A great way for you to transition into a full time piano teacher in Singapore is to join such an agency while you are still a student or employed by another company. Use them to get students until you get at least $1000 to $2000 per month. Once that happens, you can safely quit your day office job and transition into a full time tutor by also making use of the other above tips.