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3 Best Ways For Piano Teachers To Find Students In Singapore

If you are a private piano teacher in Singapore, how should you best find students in Singapore so that you can generate a stable and steady income source? Let us explore the best ways for you to find music students.

Firstly, it is highly recommended that you work together with an agency like SG Learn Piano. The main reason for this is because they will be able to get students on auto-pilot for you without any effort on your part other than trying to accommodate to the student’s timing. They only cut a cut of the first month’s commission if it is a successful deal, and they only refer students to you which you could not have gotten on your own. This means that they only provide additional students, and therefore a steady stream of income instead of eating into your income.

Secondly, you can also advertise and network with people. If you have quite an active Facebook profile, you can put Facebook stories or if you are shy, you can post status updates about you teaching piano. You can even upload videos of tips of how to pass ABRSM piano exams in Singapore for parents to view. This means that your friends can help you share and their friends who may have kids interested in learning the piano will notice you and potentially engage you as their music teacher. Social media is a powerful way to grow your piano teaching business. This is especially the case with music, because your main target audience is middle aged women with kids wanting to learn the piano. And since most middle aged women in Singapore use Facebook most actively, you are well poised to find students through this above-mentioned method.

Thirdly, this is the least recommended method but, you can advertise. There are places such as mummy forums in Singapore or Hardwarezone where you can promote your lessons. Keep in mind there are usually strict terms against such promotions, make sure to read it, and do not go against their terms if you do so. There are also people actively looking for music teachers on HWZ e.t.c., and you can interact with these users and pitch them your services.