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What Is The Best Age You Should Learn The Piano?

Many people in Singapore are undecided about the best age you should learn the piano. You can even share this article in HWZ and I guarantee there will be lots of replies. They will range from, “Siao ah! No money. Singapore so expensive to live in, how do I expect me or my child to still learn the piano” to “My child has to learn since age 3 and various other tuition lessons!”.

So then, what really, is the best age that people in Singapore should learn the piano? The answer is not so clear cut, as it depends on the student’s personal goals. I will give you various different examples as follows.

If your child wants to become a piano teacher in Singapore eventually, then he or she will need to get to at least Grade 8 or Diploma level for both practical and theory segments. Keep in mind that as guys in Singapore have NS at age 18 (generally), and girls have university at 18, it is recommended that your child passes grade 8 by age 17. This is so that it does not interfere with one of the most important examinations ever in your child’s life – A levels, which is necessary to enter university. Therefore, your child should ideally learn piano around age 7 or 8, so that he or she can complete the ABRSM grade 8 exams comfortably before age 18.

If your child simply wants to learn the piano because he or she is passionate about it, then there is no need to stress him or her out by making your child go for the ABRSM piano exams. In fact, just find a teacher from a good Singapore piano teacher agency who is able to simply teach your child basic piano theory and then move on to playing his or her favorite songs. Find a good private piano teacher who is able to teach your child for leisure. For this case, it does not quite matter how old your child or you (if you are the student) learns the piano, as there is no need to be stressed out or practise excessively to pass the ABRSM examinations.

If your child or you want to become a professional pianist in future, then your child or you should start now! This is because becoming a professional pianist requires tons of practice and years of experience. Even Mozart had to practise for years before he reached his level of expertise. This is no longer a question of age, but a question of how much experience and how much right effort you put into your piano practice sessions. Now is the youngest you will ever be, so start now to realize your dreams earlier.