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How To Teach SG Students To Improve Piano Sight Reading

Many Singaporean piano students are very weak when it comes to piano sight reading.

One of the main reasons is because many of them are brought up to be perfectionists. However, to be great at sight reading, being too much of a perfectionist will backfire against these local students. As a teacher, you want to guide them to focus and be perfectionist on just moving forward with the piece and keeping the rhythm. Most Singaporean students tend to over-focus on hitting the right notes, at the expense of the song’s rhythm. This is something that you need to teach students. This is particularly the case for students who may have learnt from other teachers before engaging you. You want to instill the right learning and practising method into your students.

In the video below, Tiffany shares with students how to improve their ABRSM piano sight reading. As a piano teacher yourself, you can learn from such YouTube videos and apply these tips to your students. When you get your students great results, they will stick to you. This way, you get more students and referrals. You will then be easily to grow your business and become full time and thrive financially! Thriving financially as a private home piano teacher in Singapore is super easy if you focus on adding value to students.

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How To Pass ABRSM Aural Exams In Singapore?

A lot of Singaporean students are worried about passing their ABRSM aural examinations. Here are some tips to help you ace the aural segment of your piano exam!

Something that many music students in Singapore may not be aware of for their ABRSM aural exams is that a distinction is only given to confident responses. On the other hand, even if you hit almost all the notes correctly, but sound cautious, worried and scared, you will not score a distinction. A little known marking criteria for aural is confidence level. So, sound as though you truly believe in your answer and answer without hesitation.

Next of all, pitch is actually far more important than vocal quality. The examiner you meet on the day itself in the piano studio should adapt to your vocal range. When it comes to singing, you want to practise at home singing simple phrases and then increasing the pitch range gradually for these simple phrases. Make sure to support your singing with your diaphragm and feel it contract as you sing. By practising in this manner, you will be able to get more confidence in your singing abilities eventually, and you will be able to perform during the piano ABRSM exam day itself. However, if lack of confidence is still always a major problem for your aural segment for your piano exam, then practise your singing in front of other people. It is far better to embolden yourself by embarrassing yourself in front of others, instead of failing in front of the examiner.

You need to know that the examinations always follow an exact formula. If you know what type of questions will be asked before it is actually asked, it will help to calm you down and make you feel more prepared.

For more information, please refer to the following video.