Should You Learn Piano At Home Or At A Teacher’s Music Studio?

Let us talk about whether you should learn piano at your home or go to a private teacher’s music studio in Singapore.

We shall first look at the benefits of learning in the comfort of your own home – e.g. the private music teacher gives you piano lessons at your own house.

First of all, you will save quite a fair bit of time and money if you have the teacher go to your house. This is because there is no need for you to take transportation to the teacher’s studio. While there are lots of public transportation options in Singapore, you should already know that they still take quite long to transport you from one part of Singapore to another. Traffic jams and MRT breakdowns are common place.

Second of all, having the piano lessons at your home means that the piano used during the lessons as well as the self practice sessions will be performed on the same musical instrument. This will mean that the chances of the student remembering the concepts taught during the lesson will be higher as he or she will be able to practise them immediately.

Next of all, there may be times where a student may have forgotten to bring some of the essential lessons materials required. This can potentially cause the piano lessons to be not as effective because the important materials are not present. However, if lessons are carried out at the student’s house, this will not happen.

Also, if your child is the student, you will be able to ‘participate’ in his or her piano lesson. This will enable you to have a more active role in your child’s learning because you will be able to see and listen to your child’s piano learning progress. If your child is young, having you around may make them feel more comfortable and safer as well.

Now, let us look at some of the benefits of learning at a teacher’s studio.

First of all, a professionally set up music studio usually shows that the teacher is serious about wanting to take this as a full time career. Few people who do not wish to pursue a full time career as a piano teacher in Singapore will go to the extent of setting up a piano studio in Singapore in their own home. They tend to be serious about their work.

Oops, as you can tell, there is not any real advantage to learning at a teacher’s studio. The reason I believe this is the case is because you might as well learn from a music school such as Yamaha or Cristofori if you are wanting to learn from a teacher’s studio.

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