Monday, 1 February 2010

Holehird- Spring awakenings...

As winter loses its icy grip across Lakeland’s landscape, the first brave signs of spring can been seen. Snow is retreating now to the highest fells as days lengthen, the sun grows warmer and birds begin to sing and seek out nest sites.

Holehird, home of the Lakeland Horticultural Society situated high above Windermere, is the perfect place to explore the excitement of the coming season. Ten acres of the most wonderful and immaculately cared for gardens in the country.

The bright red and yellow of dogwood stems, silvery birch boughs and the sweet scent of daphne mark winter’s highlights still. But, the new years promise is showing all around as snowdrops of every sort sparkle, certain sign of life’s quickening springtime pace.

Hellebores in intriguing shades from lime green to deepest burgundy abound, and bright yellow winter aconites shine out in the sunshine. Soon these earliest and hardiest flowers give way to swathes of golden, nodding daffodils tumbling down the slopes, themselves followed by a growing profusion of springtime favourites and rarer beauties too.

From the tiniest and most intricate natural alpine specimens to the rich herbaceous borders and mixed plantings of the walled garden; from the highest rock garden slopes, down streamside plantings to tarn-side walks below. All is enhanced by the most wonderful views out across Lake Windermere to the Coniston and Langdale fells beyond.

Savour Spring’s awakening at Holehird. One of the best situated, most skillfully planted, finely detailed and lovingly maintained gardens to be found anywhere...

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