Friday, 1 May 2009

Wordsworth House

Stroll through Georgian Cockermouth. Step off the street and step back in time to discover the poet’s childhood home. Discover his house and garden laid out as an authentic, living, breathing, 18th century experience. Walk out into the walled back garden and see the world through Wordsworth’s eyes.

There are old fashioned flowers in profusion here, including the promise of fragrant roses and lavender to come, with borders brimming with old medicinal herbs such as feverfew and hyssop. Period favourites like pot marigold and soapwort can also be seen in the cut-flower bed.

The great thing about this garden though, is that its a productive plot- a place for food as well as all the floral delights. This month of May is apple-blossom time and the beautiful Greenup’s Pippin trees are covered in flowers and busy bees. Sure sign of a bountiful harvest of fruit by autumn. It is the vegetable beds that are the most fascinating though... Heritage varieties grown the old fashioned way. Row after row of ‘roots’ and ‘brassicas’ punctuated by ‘peas and beans’ climbing a tracery of sticks and poles. All overlooked by the friendly and protective sackcloth scarecrow.

At the end of the garden, steps lead up to a long viewing terrace. Look back to the house across an old garden, full of interest. Or, look forward across the River Derwent and imagine the water meadows beyond where young William and his sister Dorothy played.

Yes, Wordsworth House- and Garden- is an education, an inspiration and a gem- Well worth a visit!

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