Thursday, 1 January 2009

Honister Slate Mine- Go High! Go Deep!

Lakeland’s dramatic scenery is an inspiration to all garden makers. It can be seen set in sharpest relief on a bright, cold, clear winter’s day.

Make your way to the top of Honister Pass, an incredible 1,167 feet above sea level. You will experience all of Cumbria’s highlights on the way... still reflective lakes, peaceful pastures, wooded fellside, wild moorland, boulder-strewn becks, craggy outcrops and majestic rocky summits.

This dramatic Lake District landscape is carved out from its bedrock- the stone beneath the surface, rising above, and threading throughout in its myriad miles of signature drystone walling.

From this high mountain pass its just a short walk to the tops, or for adventure seekers there is the thrilling, exposed scramble of Lakeland’s first ‘Via Ferrata’. The daring can descend there too, into the depths of the mountain to enter the dark, cathedral like caverns where slate has been hewn for centuries.

Whether tramping it underfoot, clinging on to it by your fingertips, or exploring deep beneath its surface, here we are intimately engaged with the very backbone and bedrock of the natural landscape.

Its inspirational stuff for every garden maker and better still, its a piece of Lakeland’s spirit that you can take home to flavour your own garden setting. The stone quarried here has made many an award winning garden and it could be a part of yours too. From walling stone to path surfacing; from seats to fountains to slate monoliths- its all here.

Flowers may be few and far between in January, but if you fancy a bit of hard landscaping and love Lakeland for inspiration, then take the trip to the top of Honister Pass. “Fill ya Boot!” and ground your garden in a little Lake District magic.....

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