Saturday, 1 November 2008

Autumn Inspiration

This month, Lakeland’s larger gardens settle down for their winter’s sleep, flower beds are made up tidily, and precious plantings are tucked in tightly under a warming comfort blanket of autumn leaves. Now is our chance to look back on a year of wonderful garden memories and also forward to the fresh opportunities the new season will bring.

For our design inspiration we need look no further than the stunningly beautiful Lake District landscape. At this time of year the elements that make up this natural scene are at their clearest....

The sight and sound of crystal clear mountain streams rushing over rocks, and the rustling of gold and russet leaves. The feel of short cropped turf rolling out beneath our feet, and the simple vertical variation of scattered trees or woodland. Above all the picture-postcard perfect views of this idyllic scene in the mirror-like reflections of Lakes and tarns.

So, all the natural inspiration we will ever need is there in the superb scenery of Cumbria.

Even if your yearning is something a little more architectural or exotic, then a flavour of that can be found in the County too... Take the time to detour into Inglefield Plants at Staveley, or Larch Cottage Nurseries, Melkinthorpe near Penrith. There you’ll discover some superb plants, and stunning pots, containers and garden statuary. All the extras you will ever need to turn some Lakeland garden inspiration into reality.

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